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How do I introduce Krishna.

Some call him God and others call him Godhead. Some worship him and love him while there are others who place him in the 7th hell. There are still people who argue that Arjuna was right and Krishna was wrong. Was Arjuna right because he did not want to fight the war or was Krishna wrong because if he did not talk to Arjuna, that world war (Mahabharata) would have been averted.


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Meditation Universe

Spend sometime with yourself
Journey to the inner core is an adventure
The deeper you venture, the more unknown
territories you encounter
Meditation: A process for nothing and a journey to nowhere

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Krishna’s Universe

That brings us to Krishna’s Universe. It needs some understanding. I have a grand son who is 18 months old. His world or universe is so limited. He has his toys. He knows a few people i.e mom, dad, grand mom and grand Dad. He is not concerned about an election going on in Iran or a nuclear test that goes on in North Korea. Then there are people like me and you. I have a world of medicaine and medtation. I play golf and take part in some organizations. Some days I am happy and some days I am not so happy. Head of a state has a different world. President Obama has to watch all around. He is truly a global leader of today. His decisions can make or break nations. His range of responsibilities are similarly more expansive than most of us.

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