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Thoughts and Meditation I
  • Choices

  • We are what we think.

  • All that we are arises with our thoughts.

  • With our thoughts we make the world.

  • Speak or act with an impure mind

  • And trouble will follow you

  • As the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart.

  • We are what we think.

  • All that we are arises with our thoughts.

  • With our thoughts we make the world.

  • Speak or act with a pure mind

  • And happiness will follow you

  • As your shadow, unshakable.


Thoughts and Meditation have a very intimate relationship. Budha goes on to say that “you are what you think you are.” This is the first relationship between Thoughts and Meditation. The mind first has to be satisfied and become motivated towards meditation. What motivates one person may not do anything to another person. Gautam siddhartha was going about his life in a fine way. His life was a life full of luxury until he encountered someone who had died. This was a motivating factor for him. He left the luxury in search of the truth. All the books and talks about meditation or search of truth are simply meant to satisfy our minds so that the jump can be taken.

Mind has to be satisfied that it is okay to do meditation. There is a saying that there ate about 1 to 1.5 million Indians in the USA but 10 to 15 million practice yoga and meditation. Once yoga and meditation were out of the institution of religion, many people started the practice. Now they do not have to belong to an institution. Most of the work on meditation and yoga have been done by the Hindus, but then hinduism was not an institution. It was called Sanatan and Sanatan, which means etenal, can never be an institution.

This is important to realize. The mind must be ready and satisfied before an individual starts on any path. You can see it in our daily life. You want to buy a home or go to a movie. You do your home work and research the pros and cones of the work you are going to do. Sometimes there is also a social pressure. If every one else in your surrounding has seen ‘Monsoon Wedding,” you do not want to be left out. I recently went to a convention where we alll ahd to dress formal in Tuxedos and boe tie. The feeling was so great. Then I go to play golf. Can you imagine me or any one turning out in Tuxedo on the golf course. Theoretically there is no problem. You can always take off the tuxedo and make your shot and then walk to the next ball in style. But, no you or me will not do that because we will be branded insane.

As mditation and yoga becomes more accepted by the society, it will become easier to start meditating for many people. More people will talk about it and then it becomes easier to start. Golf was a game of older people until Tiger Woods started winning championships. Now you can see several teen players on the course. Logic is needed to satisfy our minds to start meditation and yoga and that is what me and many others are doing. It is not good enough for me to hear that I write well, I want to see you all take the jump and realize what I have had the opportunity to realize. A critical mass of people that are talking about and doing medtation is also helpful.

We discussed here how the thoughts matter before starting meditation. Mind needs to co-operate with an individual before he starts his journey of meditation. One needs to be convinced. Thoughts are necessary before, but they play a totally different role during medtation. The same thoughts that helped you get into meditation start becoming an obstacle.


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