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Meditation - Meditation Articles

Let us explore two concepts, Swadharma and Karma from the third chapter before we go on to Chapter 4.

Spring is here and it is time to plant the garden. We usually plant tomatoes, peas and some other vegetables. When we plant tomato, we expect it to develop into a plant and give us tomatoes. The tomato plant does not feel envious about how the peas look or taste. It does not start wanting to become a pea pod. What is going to come is very obvious to us when we plant the seeds. The swadharma of a tomato plant is to produce tomatoes and it does that time and again. There is no fight inside the plant to become some one else.

Man is a different story. Every individual is going to be different. Every one has a unique possibility. The problem starts when we want to become someone else. The bigger problem is that we do not really know what our potential is. Krishna shows us the awy to find out our own swadharma and then to follow that path. Arjuna is a soldier and his swadharma is that of a soldier. Swadharma is not same as the duty. There are many soldiers in the army. Are they there because that is what their inner being wants to be or are they there because of some compulsions?

The way to find out who you really are is to look inside to find the inner flow. I have mentioned before about the fact that we all have our own authentic swing for the game of golf. All we have to do is to rediscover it. Meditation is the best way to look inside and there are many techniques out there. There is nothing wrong in trying any of them. If it does not work then it is easy to move on. Many people are waiting for the right technique or the right Guru. As far as I can see, the importance is in the moving towards the action, the right technique or the right Guru will show up when you or me are ready.

Once you discover the inner flow you know your Swadharma. Once the swadharma is discovered the karma becomes obvious. The karma depends on the inner drive and the drive in turn depends upon the gunas.

We have discussed about the Drive. What drives us to do anything? On the surface it appears to be the desires. Most of us are driven by our desire to be something or somebody. Some call it ambition. When a child is growing up it is running around and is a happy being. There is a lot of energy that is so obvious. He may not appear to have a drive, but he is learning to develop one soon. The driving force in the case of growing child comes from his parents and surroundings. He is trying to live up to some one else. I want my son to be a doctor. I keep talking about how a doctor is so successful. Yet, I have a duty to the child as well. I should not be choking his music talents or his sports talents. He may not have any aptitude to become a doctor, but now he has to struggle whole of his life because he could not live up to his parents.

As he grows up, he develops his own desires and ambitions and then he wants to become something else. Our growing up has become so complex that we never find out our true potential. It is not just an individual problem for me or you, it is a system problem. We have created a social structure where we do not allow that. The drive is forced on to individuals by parents and the society. There is a good chance that if you grow up in Pakistan or Afghanistan that you will end up being a suicide bomber and your sole aim will be to blow up a structure or a building. You will never find out what your true potential would have been.

Krishna is not talking about these drives. He wants Arjun to find out his true self and then act out of that. If Arjun is the type of a Buddha, Krishna will let him walk out of the war. Krishna would have had no problem with that at all. Gita is not telling us to fight for a cause. To me Gita tells us to act from our inner drive and I can tell you that the inner drive is far superior to the outer drive of desire. Again, meditation is what takes us to that place.

What is behind these driving forces is the Gunas. The forces of Rajoguna are more obvious than that of the tamoguna and the satoguna. We shall explore these later as we comeacross the gunas again in Ch 14. Gita eventually wants us to get beyond any of these gunas or drives. Once the relationship is clear, it is possible to be outside of the gunas (gunateet). Once gunateet status is obtained, the inner drive is also transcended. Yet, any action to be taken by such an individual still depends on the drives and the gunas. If you go to a friend’s house, you know it is not your house. Yet, you use the bed room to sleep and the bathroom to shower. Krishna knows the relationship and is trying to convey it to Arjun. We shall move along and see what we can learn from that.


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