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That brings us to Krishna’s Universe. It needs some understanding. I have a grand son who is 18 months old. His world or universe is so limited. He has his toys. He knows a few people i.e mom, dad, grand mom and grand Dad. He is not concerned about an election going on in Iran or a nuclear test that goes on in North Korea. Then there are people like me and you. I have a world of medicaine and medtation. I play golf and take part in some organizations. Some days I am happy and some days I am not so happy. Head of a state has a different world. President Obama has to watch all around. He is truly a global leader of today. His decisions can make or break nations. His range of responsibilities are similarly more expansive than most of us.


Krishna lives in a different domain. His responsibilities are even more expansive. Let us try to understand that more. We live in a world that we can see, touch and feel. Whether or not you believe in after life or not, one thing is sure. Once we die we go to another space. There is this other world that most of us think exists. I for sure know that the unseen world is larger than the world we see. The two worlds are interdependent. What happens in one universe has profound effect on the other. The manifest world that we live in is the world of happenings. We have physical bodies and the bodies can engage in the work and whatever happens around. An order here is more important than we can apprehend. Krishna has to worry about this world that we can see and feel and the world beyond that we can not. He has to have a value system (Dharma) that is healthy for both domains. Actually, there is description of three such domains. There are three universes. Some claim they are all parallel univeses. They all exist here and now. Krishna can see all the three and has the responsibilities for all the three. Can we know the other domains as we are. I am sure we can. I have described some techniques in the Meditation section which can help in that direction.

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  • BS Murthy  - Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of self-help

    Dear Sir:
    I thank you for publishing my Bhagvad-Gita: treatise of self-hep in the Krishna Universe.
    I am glad to note that the layout is very reader-friendly.
    By oversight, in v25 of Ch10, the first line - Bhrugur I am the well-realized- was missed out in the text I submitted to you.
    The said verse should read
    Bhrugur I am the well-realized
    So Am ‘Om’ that sound supreme,
    Of rituals Am prayer muted
    Himalayas high that kiss the skies.
    Kindly make the change for authenticity.I appreciate a word from you in this regard.
    BS Murthy

  • BS Murthy

    Dear Sir:
    I wanted to submit this important message regarding Ramayana page through proper channel and as I was denied access, I thought you would no mind my seeking your good offices to forward the following to the concerned.
    BS Murthy
    "I feel that my translation of Sundara Kanda: Hanuman's Odyssey in sloka to sloka verse( published by Project Gutenberg 20110917011405sundarakanda4.pdf)would be a value addition to your exemplary site.
    If you too feel the same way, you can either link the same at Project Gutenberg or (preferably) can carry the text in your site itself, like Bhagvad-Gita: treatise of self-help in your Krishna Universe.
    BS Murthy"

  • BS Murthy  - Bhagvad-Gita: treatise of self-help

    Dear Sir
    Please don't mind making the following alterations in my Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of self-help, in addition to the one requested in my first message ( cited here for ready reference) to make to bring it up to date.
    1) DELETE the following sentence as it has no relevance in the current edition (third but last in the text ‘All About Interpolations) However, so as not to besmirch the general tenor of the discourse in this Treatise of Self-help, the same are interpreted in a broader perspective, but not in their narrow sense intended by the interpolators.
    2) Line 3 of v5 Ch2 - Would the scepter ever glitter - in place of "What doth glitter have sceptre"
    3) Line 1 v30 Ch3 - Act not with fear or favour - in place of “Act not with fear ’n favour"
    4) Line 2 v3 Ch13 - Nature of thy frame, as well - in place of “Nature of thy frame"
    5) Line 2 v21 Ch 16 – See they then the path perfect - in place of “Sees they clear the
    path perfect.”
    6) ADD as Line 1 v25...


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