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Till now we have learnt what Dharma is.Now we'll explore more about it...

Dharma has three faces. :
1. Concept of Dharma
2. Indicators of Dharma …dharma is like a Dow or Sensex index….there is no fixed right number… goes up or it goes down.
3. There are measures and processes to achieve a uptrend in Dharma

Here are some bullet points that we shall discuss in detail individually.

DHARMA is not just a concept which is abstract and good for philosophical discussions. Dharma is relevant in our lives. Many people ask this question as to how Dharma is relevant in our lives. What can we do about Dharma? When we do not really understand what Dharma means?

We have talked about it before and tried to understand how Dharma is value system of the infrastructure that is here to support our lives. Today we will explore Dharma from a much more practical aspect so that we can try to live a life consistent with upholding of this essence. We will look at what you and me can do to make this concept come alive.

We need to bring understanding of Dharma in modern times. There is no other word or concept that describes what Dharma really means. Right and wrong do not address our social needs. Justice also does not get close. Democracy is just utilitarian. The world today has a limitation of words without use of this word Dharma. Therefore, I am bringing this topic again for further elaboration and discussion.







let us go in to details :
D :

A child is born in a family. Family is part of a society. This society forms a nation. Nations form our world.

How does this world support this newborn child? Is the infrastructure nourishing for a sound development of this child. That is what Krishna is concerned about. If the child develops properly and is well supported, he will contribute to the structure of the society and thereby to the world to enhance this infrastructure so that it becomes better for the next child that comes to this world. He is also going to support his elders who become part of the outgoing generation when he is young and alive.

It is not only important for a human child to be able to grow in a healthy fashion. A proper development of the animal world and the nature as a whole around is important. A rose flower should get a nice bed to thrive. A river should get proper bed to flow. The land should get enough water and nourishment to thrive. The world has to develop as a whole.

Krishna is concerned not only to what we can see but also about what we can not see. The part of journey that we can see is from birth to death. We do not see what happens between death and birth. Much happens there as well. How do the souls find a proper family to take birth into? Buddha said that he will come back as Maitreya. The story is that Maitreya cannot find a proper family and the surrounding. There is no derth of Saddam Hussain and Bin Laden. They have no problem finding a place for birth. But, a Buddha has trouble finding appropriate surrounding. Krishna wants to change the whole infrastructure of his times. Everything had become supportive at the time for growth of people like Duryodhana and Kansa. That had to change.

All this change is not easy. Sometimes we have to pay a great price for all this. We can make small contributions on our parts. J Krishnamurthy has a neat concept, “consciousness pool.” Every time you are angry and shout at somebody, you are throwing your garbage in this Consciousness Pool. You are in fact throwing your garbage in the house you live in. Krishnamurthy will say that there is no need to create this garbage. He would say that garbage production is in your control and therefore you can close this factory completely.

We can all contribute to a healthy development atmosphere. There is no need to give lectures or start a club. It all has to start from you and me. You can start becoming a nucleus of such change. You love your child, provide it the freedom it needs, give the discipline that helps its growth. You respect your fellow beings and the elders. You nourish the plants in your garden and respect the waterways in your area. You become source for inspiration for others. And you will start noticing a change in and around you. You are now contributing to DHARMA.

Divine :
The divine factor has to be accounted for. We are important and we can make a lot of changes. I do not want to undermine the effect of an individual. An individual can achieve a lot. Arjun had great achievements. Karna also had tremendous achievements. Bil Gates has also got to a point of peak achievements. Once you achieve you can contribute as well. You can contribute better from a point of achievement. A President or a Prime minister can make changes happen faster than a person on the street. There is no question about that. Yet remembrance and working with divine gives a different aura around such a person. The divine is always important and gives that extra which is not available without the divine grace. Then you are not working just for yourself or just for your society.

Your contributions go out to the whole existence and the whole existence supports you. The relationship is reciprocal.

Development can happen without a healthy surrounding. Children born in today’s Iraq and Afghanistan also are going to grow up. Children born in a dysfunctional in India and USA also grow up. But, they do not grow up in a healthy atmosphere. We can to try to make every home a healthy home. The development may happen without remembering the unseen. The benevolent unseen forces are what I call divine. These forces are important as well. Let us all pay attention to this for our generation is the one that needs to work on it so that we form a solid ground for future generations to come and thrive.

We'll continue from here in our next article.


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