Dharma is not something that we perform through conscious will based on presumptions & self decisions.
Dharma is a way of life expressed through us when we are free from bondages of all possible levels.
A bonded person misconceives that he is performing actions , while a free person remains as a spectator untouchable by the quality or quantity of actions being performed through him , as he is surrendered unconditionally to God or Guru(both are, however,same).

Remember Shree Krishna's promise in The Gita.
"sarva dharman parithyajya ,mam ekam saranam vraja, aham tva sarva papebhyo mokshaishyami masuchaha"

So forget all dharmas, concentrate on how best of your self can be delivered in serving your client with all the love you can & with all the shradhdha (devour) you can.This only gives you moksha that kills the cause to take further births & deaths.
Even if you happen to take birth again,god's decisions will be performed through you.