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Sunday, 18 November 2012 20:15

Bhagavdgita 5:4 - Interdependent or Independent

Written by  Krishna Bhatta e
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Those paths, karmasanyas and karmayoga
Are seen by the less wise to be separate
Yet the wise ones see no difference
They both lead ultimately to the same abode
They both achieve the same goals
As long as they are truly established in the path //5:4//

Krishna in 5:2 says that there two supreme paths:

    1. Karma Sanyas:      Path of renunciation
    2. Karma yoga:        Living a normal life like you and I with focus on non-attachment.

And, now two verses later in 5:4, he says that there is actually no difference between these two paths.  What is Krishna trying to say here?


First in 5:2 he talks about the paths...and there are two main paths.  Here in this verse he talks about the end of the path.  Both paths lead to the same end.  The path is not like a rail road track.  It is more like a pyramid or peak of a mountain.


Another point to understand is that non-attachment is part of existence.  Krishna emphasizes non attachment because it is existential.  It is true nature of existence.  We are all interdependent; yet we are all independent and we are all non attached.  Interdependec brings us together and creates relationships, duties and responsibilities.  Interdepndence keeps non attached.


Whether we follow the path of karma yoga or the path of karma sanyas, we are all inter-dependent and inter-related yet we are all independent and we are all non attached.  Knowing this, practicing this, understanding this, living this .....we reach the same end.


We also need to understand that the keyword in either types is "non attachment."  No one becomes 'non attached' just by renouncing this world.  At the same time any one can become "non attached" even in the middle of the world.  Krishna is trying to explain this point here.  The end game is to comprehend and know this reality of "non attachment."  Once this is known thern there is no distinction between the two; you are neither attached to the world nor you are attached to God.  A person on either path  knows the same reality; both are just non attached and completely free.


Last modified on Saturday, 01 December 2012 22:57
Krishna Bhatta e

Krishna Bhatta e

A practicing Urologist, Dr Bhatta developed his interest in Bhagavad-Gita from a very young age. He was exposed to the teachings of Gita from his father. He has a love for our scriptures including Upanishads and Vedas.


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