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my new family is better than my old family says 3 year old Raechel

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Gita Today: Dharma and Morality

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Krishna Events - Bhagavad Gita
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  • Dr. Rajvir Singh  - English version of Gitarahshya

    Gita Rahshya: By Dr. Rajvir Singh
    Dharma and Religion:
    ''Dharma'' is that fundamental element out of which anything comes into existence; conversely, if this element is not present, the existence of everything comes to an end. The soul is the fundamental essence of the body and therefore, the soul is the 'dharma' of the body. Nothing can be separated from its 'dharma'. In other words, 'dharma' is intrinsic part in any object, animate or inanimate. This is a fact of life and existence; unchanging, and completely unchangeable and transcending the influence and effect of time. For example, if there is humanity, there are human beings; if one tills the land, one is a farmer and so on. Here humanity is the 'dharma' of a human being just as agriculture is the 'dharma' of a farmer. To make this simpler, we may cite the example of a fan, whose existence is for circulating air. If a fan does not circulate air, there is no purpose of its existence and it ceases to be a fan, i.e., loses its e...

  • prem tanwar  - some doubts to be clarified for me

    i)When was the word “GOD” known to man on this earth? And in what context? So far no Sacred books/Vedas/Purans/Upnishad etc could say about the era or period since the origin of man on this .
    ii)When we know that GOD never forgives & we have to suffer for every deeds we do, then why we should worship GOD & even why HE will pour mercy on account of our prayers.
    iii)Manushya Janam is achieved on account of several Punya Karyas in earlier births, then why some people die immediately after birth or take birth with so many defects/troubles in 1or 2 years of births.
    iv)4) आत्मा अजर -अमर है, वह सिर्फ चोला बदलती है। तो फिर इस दुनिया कि आबादी तो समान रहनी चाहिए। जितने मनुष्य मरते हैं,उससे ज्यादा क्यों पैदा हो रहे हैं, इतनी आत्माए कहाँ से आ रही हैं(परलोक/ब्रह्मलोक) या फिर जहां से भी आ रही है वहाँ कितनी आत्माए हैं और कब तक आती रहेगी ? शास्त्रों की भी मान ली जाय कि 33 करोड़ दिव्य आत्माए सतयुग के समय ...


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