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Gita - Gita English Verses
Written by Krishna Bhatta e   

Bhagavad-Gita shlokas: English verse  of the Day



So, what is easy and what is not

Which one to follow and which one to not

They all lead to the same place, the same abode

How do you get to bring awareness in all your karma?(actions)

And How do you stay unattached

Krishna says that it is difficult

To know non attachment without

Getting into the midst of actions (karma yoga)

By living in the stream of karma

By being involved in the daily routines

I and you can get to know the reality of staying non attached

And staying focused in our endeavor of knowing the ultimate

The ultimate is achieved. //BG 5:6//


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Written by Krishna Bhatta e   


Welcome to Krishna Universe where you can learn, read, and share the wonderful world of Krishna.

We do request you to check blogs and new articles from time to time. You will always find something fresh and new on the site.

We also encourage you to contribute by participating on this platform.

Bring your articles, post you comments and share with us if you have Gita Classes or Krishna events.


'Explore & share the world of Krishna and Gita @

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Krishna - Krishna related
Written by Krishna Bhatta e   


How do I introduce Krishna. Some call him God and others call him Godhead. Some worship him and love him while there are others who place him in the 7th hell. There are still people who argue that Arjuna was right and Krishna was wrong. Was Arjuna right because he did not want to fight the war or was Krishna wrong because if he did not talk to Arjuna, that world war (Mahabharata) would have been averted.

Krishna Ko naman karo audio CD PDF Print E-mail
Music and Videos - Music
Written by Krishna Bhatta e   

krishna naman

A devotional audio album titled “Krishna Ko Naman Karo” conceptualized by Shri Raghvendra, was released in May 2013 by Gita Foundation, USA.

Lyrics: Bramhaleen Jagadacharya Swami Akhileshji

             Dr.Krishna Bhatta, USA.

Singer: The famous & versatile singer Jaswant Singh.

Krishna Universe PDF Print E-mail
Krishna - Krishna related
Written by KMB   
Krishna’s Universe


That brings us to Krishna’s Universe. It needs some understanding. I have a grand son who is 18 months old. His world or universe is so limited. He has his toys. He knows a few people i.e mom, dad, grand mom and grand Dad. He is not concerned about an election going on in Iran or a nuclear test that goes on in North Korea. Then there are people like me and you. I have a world of medicaine and medtation. I play golf and take part in some organizations. Some days I am happy and some days I am not so happy. Head of a state has a different world. President Obama has to watch all around. He is truly a global leader of today. His decisions can make or break nations. His range of responsibilities are similarly more expansive than most of us.


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